oh I´ll start with fashion.

I have always been interested in fashion, fashion as an art statement, as a way to define society, as a design element towards progress. Fashion as in geometry, textures, light, materiality, wrapping, protection… All this has lots in common with architecture.

Balenciaga´s show in Madrid last year was Beauty exposed for everybody to enjoy. I could relate to the fabric cuts, the geometry, the light reflection, the layering and the balance. Balancing of colours, spaces created by the fabric voids and pleats. Layering fabrics, intricacies, gloss and suppleness. The art of combining materiality and the void spaces created by the movement of the fabrics. Even in stillness the suggestion of movement as a condition for the design is apparent. 

Objects manufactured for the desire to wear beauty.

Balenciaga and Zuloaga

Sonia Delaunay in a very different approach exhibits the voids and layers colour and geometry can provide. Fabrics of intense definition, materials woven to provide patterns for an industrialised concept of Beauty. Fashion, painting and applied art interlinked, used as an unique way of expression.

Beauty reproduced limitless.

Delaunay and bathing suits

Fashion is a constant reference in my everyday life even if shopping sprees are no longer happening. Observing and following designers works as Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake, Isabel Marant, Josep Font… is pleasure and need fulfilled. Fashion, design, crafts and architecture have been intertwined forever, they evolute as society progress in an amass of forms, materials, lights, voids and colours. Man-made Beauty.

Fashion has the speed architecture has to keep up to in the search for new ways of living, building, sheltering society.

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