Out of your comfort zone and Balenciaga


The term get out of your comfort zone is in everybody´s mouth, is for everyone, anywhere, anytime… It´s trendy. For a while it didn´t get to me, sounded too much like an easy advice,  but I have realised that I´m now about to do something like it….  Breaking that invisible line feels good. Write and publish some of my thoughts, opinions or whatever comes in my way is a get out of you comfort zone sort of thing for me. To express myself in writing instead of drawing/painting is a first …. I´ll give it a try and see where it leads me. Well not really give it a try but just do it, I will do it, I am doing it…

Balenciaga…. just the name reads good, sounds good, looks good, types good, it has balance,  length, rythm, sonority…                                                                                                 An exhibition relating his work to spanish art, not just any art but some by  great painters as Velázquez, El Greco, Goya, Zurbarán… stating and displaying analogies, made me think about all what shakes me. And they all have a common ground: Beauty. In my day to day activity as an architect we search for beauty but we are not allowed to say it out loud very often. We search for new ways to live, to live as ecofriendly beings, to create new spaces to accomodate the growing population in the cities, to build in a more efficient way… but always with beauty in mind. It might sound like a silly notion, very superficial subject when I should be writing about ecofriendly homes and help Greta Thunberg in her mission. But more and more I ´m drawn to the beauty that sourrounds us and this helps us in all the aspects of life. Not natural beauty but artificial man made beauty.

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